Siskiyou County Planning Commission

Article 40. Multiple-Family Residential District (Res-4)

Sec. 10-6.4001. Res-4 District.

The regulations set forth in this article shall apply in the Multiple-Family Residential District. The
Res-4 District is intended to provide an area of high density multi-family residential land uses and
mobile home parks. (§ I, Ord. 86-2, eft. February 27, 1986)

Sec. 10-6.4002. Uses permitted.

The following uses shall be permitted in the Res-4 District:

Single-family dwellings and two-family dwellings or duplexes;

Multiple-family dwellings and apartment houses;

Accessory uses and buildings normally incidental to any of the permitted or conditionally
permitted uses set forth in this article;

Guest houses; and

Mobile home parks and recreational vehicle parks when established on a site of not less than five
(5) acres and at a density of not to exceed ten (10) mobile home spaces or fifteen (15)
recreational vehicle spaces for each acre. (§ I,Ord. 86-2, eft. February 27, 1986)
Sec. 10-6.4003. Conditional uses permitted.

Subject to obtaining a use permit, the following uses shall be permitted in the Res-4 District:

Motels when established on a building site of not less than 8,000 square feet, where off-street
parking of not less than one space for each motel unit and where yards are required, and the
percentage of lot coverage and building height limits shall be the same as required for uses in
the Res-3 District;

Family day care facilities;

Hotels, rooming houses or boardinghouses, and dwelling groups;

Community centers, social halls, lodges, clubs, convalescent and care facilities, and group

Churches, parks, playgrounds, and public utility and public buildings and uses;

Educational schools;

Professional offices; and

Home occupations. (§ I, Ord. 86-2, eft. February 27, 1986)
(Siskiyou County 6-94)

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Timber Logging
This property also has a significant quantity of "merchantable" timber on it.  We harvested some
timber in 1994 to produce some cash income.  The process involves hiring a Licensed Forester to
"cruise" the property and identify the trees that may be harvested under current legislation.  
Then a Logger is engaged to log, remove and haul the timber to a mill.  
The Logger usually receives 50% of the proceeds as his fee.