This property, the City of Yreka and all of the small downriver communities are the direct
result of the discovery of gold in the Klamath, Shasta and Scott Rivers basins.  The discovery
and feverish gold mining activities of the late 1800s had a major impact on Northern
California.  Yreka and all of the small downriver communities including Hamburg were
"boomtowns" while gold continued to be found in impressive quantities.  The city of Yreka
has a wonderful museum that details the history of the local mining industry.  Gold mining on
the Klamath River continues today as miners come every summer to "dredge" and "pan".  
The "New Forty Niners" and the"Lost Dutchmen" are prominent among the clubs active in
this area. Each winter the rains and snow melt cascading from the mountains
recharges the gold deposits in the river bottom. We have been approached many times by
seasonal miners who asked permission to mine our appx one-half mile section of the river.
We have always declined in favor of preserving our privacy and tranquility.  We do
occasionally find gold particles when shaking our our doormats.  We apparently collect small
particles on our footwear as we walk around the property.
These two land parcels are the direct result of mining "claims" that were
eventually "matured" into private property.  The charming old cabin
overlooking the river was the simple home of the original gold miner(s).  The
main timbers of the cabin are assembled with "pegs".  It started out as a
one-room structure and was added to several times. The original  "out-house"
is still intact.  

We lived comfortably in the old cabin for eight months until our home
construction was complete.
We insulated the attic to R-31, installed an air-tight steel wood stove and used
candles and oil lamps until  a rudimentary generator-based electric system
was complete.
This building is not considered a "legal residence" by the authorities.  It is
included in this sale as an item of "zero value" to avoid the complexities of
structural inspection and code enforcement.
It does, however, have an abundance of "charm".
A typical occasional snowfall seen from the cabin porch
The Barn

The barn is an old heavy timber construction “outbuilding” with a sheet metal roof.  
The barn is currently used only for miscellaneous storage.  This structure includes a
horse stall and tack room. The south face of the barn has an appx  fifteen foot deep
shed roof along the appx 45’ exterior wall.  The RV is no longer there.  The barn
provides an abundance of dry storage and also includes a two-horse stalls.
The cabin has an "open floor plan" and this
would be the "Great Room"!
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The Master Bedroom Suite!
The formal dining Room!