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The property we call Rocky Bar Ranch is located 40 miles west of Interstate 5 on the California
State Scenic Highway 96.  The average elevation above sea level is appx 1500 feet. The
property consists of two separate adjacent parcels.  One parcel of appx 20 mostly flat acres is
situated between the State Hwy 96 and the Klamath River. The southern property boundary is
appx the State Hwy. The northern property boundary of this parcel extends to the far northern
side of the river. The Klamath River is renown as a salmon and steelhead fishery.

    This parcel includes both sides of the river for appx  one-half mile, riparian rights to the
    river water, all mineral rights and RE 4 zoning.   The improvements on this parcel include
    a river-view home built in 1993, an ornamental fruit tree orchard, a 900 tree,20 year-old
    commercial chestnut orchard, a barn structure, a boat launch ramp and an antique cabin
    structure.  This parcel is not currently served by the electric grid.  The home structure is
    equipped with a solar-based alternative energy system and a Honda generator.

The second parcel of appx 35 acres is located south of the State Hwy 96 on the north face of
the timbered mountainside.  It has good private road access and includes both flat and steep
sections.  This parcel includes multiple building sites with spectacular river-canyon views,
merchantable timber, mineral rights and RE 4 zoning.  The improvement to this parcel is a
domestic water supply system consisting of developed springs, 2300 gallon storage tank and
delivery piping down to the adjacent parcel.  A hi-tension (69 kv) power line easement
traverses this parcel.  In addition, a telephone cable/pole line easement traverses the parcel.  
A privately owned telephone cable / pole line serves the improved parcel. Excellent telephone
and DSL service is available.  An abundant supply of firewood is available to be harvested
annually.   This parcel has multiple potential homesites with spectacular views of the river

    These two parcels are the result of old gold-mining claims that were eventually
    “matured” into private property.  This part of the Klamath River is historically famous for
    the production of gold.  There is a legend attached to this property that describes a
    father and son as co-owners and miners of a gold mine on this property.  The story
    relates that the son traveled into town for several days and upon his return found his
    father missing and the mine tunnel collapsed.  We have not been able to identify the site
    of the original mine tunnel.  Please visit the GOLD MINING Page for more relevant details
    and links.

    Both parcels of this property are zoned RE 4.  This is an extremely versatile and
    desirable zoning designation.  In addition to the existing residential and agricultural
    aspects, this property may be developed into a variety of potentially valuable
    commercial projects.
    For additional information, please visit the  Zoning Page.
Taken from an elevated position on the upper parcel.  
Looking West down the river canyon.
The house is not visible from the Highway elevation.
Hamburg, California
Home and Orchard For Sale
In the above photo, you see the Klamath River wrapping itself around the
lower prcel in a Horseshoe fashion.  The homesite is in the lower right
corner of the meadow.  Hwy 96 seen in the mid-part of the photo bisects
the lower parcel from the upper parcel.  (photo appx 1993 Pre-Orchard)
    Rocky Bar is "sandwiched" between two very fine Volunteer Fire Departments.  One
    is located in Seiad Valley to the West and the other at Klamath River to the East.
    (upriver)  They both offer first responder  paramedic services and emergency
    medical transport.  LifeFlite helicopter medical transport is available thru the local
    Fire departments via subscription for an annual fee of $25 per family.
The local wildlife population
consists of deer, elk, mountain
lion, raccoon, beaver, otter,
coyote, fox, civit cat, skunk and
Black bear.
There are also hawks, Blue
Heron, Grouse, Quail, geese,
ducks and  bald Eagle.
There is Monday to Friday pick-up and delivery service via both UPS and FEDEX
available.   The local newspaper, the Siskiyou Daily News is also delivered Mon - Fri.

The Highway 96 corridor is patrolled 24/7 by the California Highway Patrol,
Siskiyou County Sheriff Office and the Calif. Dept. of Transportation (CALTRANS)

US Mail is delivered from Yreka Mon - Sat to the mailbox at the driveway.

The nearest US Post Office is located in Seiad Valley. The ZIP is 96086

The Post Office upriver at Klamath River is 96050.

The Post Office downriver at Happy Camp is 96039.

Visit our on-line photo gallery at
Sept 2006
The home is in the lower rite
corner of the green meadow.
The orchard has not yet been
Since this 2006 photo,  
the Chestnut  trees have
grown an additional 10 to
15 feet..